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Our Mission

AllenAire is owned and operated by Ross E. Allen, and located in Northwood, New Hampshire. We are part of an expanding network of professionals whose primary goal is to help you and your family improve the quality of life where most of us spend 95% of our time - in our homes, cars and offices. We do this through a combination of education and applied technologies. While we work with cutting edge technologies in several areas (air, water, energy conservation), our specialty is Indoor Air Purification. We have been solving Indoor Air Quality issues in homes and small businesses for over twelve years.


Ross holds two degrees in the field of Biological Science; a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of New Hampshire, and a Master's Degree from the University of Michigan. He has the gift of teaching, and especially enjoys explaining some of the intricacies of air quality problems and their solutions in a manner that is easy for the average person to understand, even though most of us remember only a little from our high school science classes.

He believes it is important for all of us to understand some of the basic pollution problems and solutions in order to make wise and economical decisions when it comes to solving environmental issues in the places where we live and work. A lack of understanding of something as simple as the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of basic air filters often leads to lots of wasted money and unnecessary suffering as we try one product or solution after another - all to no avail.

To enhance the understanding of these problems, Ross is currently teaching two seminars to civic and professional groups:

  • Indoor Air Quality Issues Seminar
  • First Responders Awareness Training Program (FRAP)
For more information on these seminars, and how you can book them for your Civic or Professional group, please go to the Seminars tab at the top of this page.

Ross holds professional certifications in the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Industry with three organizations:

  • The RGF Evironmental Group (developed the air purification system for NASA used in the Space Station)
                   Certified IndoorAir Quality Specialist (Radiant Catalytic Ionization Technologies)
  • EcoQuest International
                   Executive Manager and Certified IAQ Specialist (Active Pure, Space Certified Technoogies)
  • National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors (N.O.R.M.I.)
                   Certified IAQ Specialist
                   Certified Mold Inspector
                   Certified First Responder Awareness Program Trainer